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Congratulations EGRCrew!

10624017_932388036882173_8988446051747285301_oErgathon 2016 was a huge success for the team: 30+families came out to either help set up, run the event or clean up in addition to 50+ rowers that came out to row with enthusiasm & great team spirit already!  Great music, food & friends new & old gathered to cheer on rowers.   Over a dozen people expressed interest in the Adult Learn To Row Program as a result of Guest Ergs so E-A-T also attracted new interest in the program.   Huge thank you to our MC Captain Kurt and our coaches as well that never left the scene despite chilly hours of comeraderie and support!  Rowers now have until Friday March 25th at 3 pm to turn in their collected donations to the blue EGRCrew basket in the office at EGRHS.  Checks should indicate the rower that you wish to be credited.  Convenient online donations may be made at via Paypal, Credit or bank card.

Get those donations in this week and let us if you have any questions!





Tomorrow: Ergomania in Gaslight Village!

8-1 pm Gaslight Village (between Jose Bubuska’s and the Pool entrance to EGRHS!  Join 55 rowers from EGR Crew Team & the community for a festive Saturday morning and learn about the sport of rowing and how to “erg” with the best of them!  We’ll have a boat, a tent, food, music & a lot of fun so come out and join us! cropped-47a5ce39b3127cce98549e17594200000035100AcNWzFo0cM2Qg.jpg


Students are raising a minimum of $100 each and many are going way beyond that to qualify for the Top 10 Fundraiser prizes!  We are excited about the arrival of the HUMAN SLINGSHOT! our Grand Prize for the rower that raise the most funds for EGR Crew at Ergathon this weekend!  In addition to this hilariously fun game, we have nearly $1,000 in gift cards donated for the rowers that land in spots #2-#10!  So call Aunt Edna!  Canvass that neighborhood! Facebook your Family! Every dollar counts as we raise funds for a new boat for this program.   This is a team and program worth supporting so get involved and pitch in!


Saturday Parking

Gaslight Village is the Place To Be on Saturday March 19th!  Not only is it our Not-To-Be-Missed Ergathon; the Spectrum Health Irish Jig which brings thousands to the area, but also EGRWater Polo has the state’s first Early Bird water polo tournament of the year so EGR will be hoppin with busses, athletes, pedestrians, visitors from near and far.   Think ahead: ride bikes, walk or prepare to park creatively and wherever you can to get down to Gaslight! We’ll have an erg saved for you and look forward to seeing you.

5 Days until Ergathon!

5 Days until Erg-A-Thon!

  • Weather is looking like partially cloudy & low to mid 40 degrees so great day for erging!
  • WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW:  7-1 pm Saturday March 19th, next to Jose Bubuskas, all invited so please come participate and have fun!   Wear green & get into the Irish Jig Spirit of things!  Bring:  (A) any loose change and dollar bills to throw in buckets to support your rower or others!  $1 bills to buy food, coffee, hot chocolate in the Food Tent for $1 each,  (B) a lawn chair or blanket if you want to sit down & relax with your cup of coffee, enjoy the music & watch the half Marathoner excitement who will start at 10 am and rown until 12-12:30.  (C) cell phone or camera to snap pictures!
  • Erg-A-Thon raises fund for 2 great causes while promoting exercise & healthy lifetsyles – to that end, all parents & the public are invited to get a little exercise with us & try out a “Guest Erg” machine!  We have invited some local celebrities including media folks and the Mayor invited to stop in and “Learn to Erg with EGR Crew” and anyone can do it!
  • What ROWERS NEED TO KNOW  (1) Keep working on gathering those donations – a minimum of $100 in sponsors and thanks to so many who are going waay beyond that to try and get one of the Top 10 awesome prizes!  The HUMAN RUBBER BAND just arrived today & we have nearly a thousand dollars in gift cards to give away to the TOP 10 fundraisers!  (2) Dress warm & green!  See how much GREEN you can physically put on our body for Irish-Jiggiest-Rower-Outfit of the Day $50 prize Saturday; (3) Take tons of selfies in front of our new team banner that we can post on social media; (4) Invite your family and friends to try out the “Guest Ergs” & offer to teach them the rower’s mantra: Legs, back, arms. Arms, back legs.  (5) and team photos in front of the new team banner and in your green! (6) Beyond that our expectation is that you hang out, eat, cheer on your teammates and Irish Jig runners, and especially the HM 9 who are erging from noon to 12:30. (7) great food being sold for $1 at the Team Tent; (8) bring a blanket/lawn chair and hang out all morning with us!

Half Marathoners Row at Erg-A-Thon!

Good luck to  Augustin, Eleanor, Gabi, Georgia, John, Macy,  Parker, Rachel & Ryan !

These 9 athletes will be attempting to row a half marathon, or 13.1 miles on Saturday March 9th in Gaslight Village. between 10-12:30 pm.  Support them & pledge $1 a mile, $3, $5 or $10 per mile to these athletes as they row to raise funds for a new boat for their team!  Rowers are reaching out to the community this month to raise awareness not only about their team, but for Spectrum’s Irish Jig 5K Mission as well: research for a cure for colorectal cancer, the #2 killer of men and women in the U.S.

This event will occur rain, snow or shine. A half marathon is not easy running or rowing. This will be a significant challenge and requires weeks of training leading up to it. Rowers will hydrate and receive food every 20-30 minutes as needed and will be cheered on and supported by our coaches and teammates, who will also be rowing in 30 minute segments alongside from 8-1 p.m on the 19th!  Row EAST!



Crew Brew arriving

Just 2c1f9fad-ee4c-4937-993a-564277a3af82 OOOOH We received a sample shipment of Zingerman’s “CrewBrew” today (coffee roasted especially for our team and community!)  After opening the crate, I would argue that the smell of freshly roasted Zingerman’s coffee beans is probably the best smell on Earth.  Highly recommend ordering some today on or here at this link:  Orders placed weekly on Sundays!

Row, Row, Row Your Joe! Order Crew Brew Coffee right here & now! !


WHAT YOU GET:  Awesome Zingerman’s fresh roasted whole coffee beans in a smooth medium blend (Brazilian Peaberry 10%; Guatemalan 40%; Indian Natural 10%; Papua New Guinea 40%.)  This is Zingerman’s  top daily brew and is loved by folks all over the country.

HOW TO GET YOUR BREW:  Place your one time or weekly order by 3 p.m. on Sunday each week and Zingerman’s will freshly roast our beans and deliver  to us for Thursday pick up.  Pay via credit card or PayPal at the link below. No shipping, handling or tax.  You will receive an email saying “Coffee’s In & Ready for Pick Up!” at the EGRHS on Thursdays.





THANK YOU to the growing list of local individuals and companies that have generously committed to supporting EGRCrew with a $150 sponsorship.  A gold star containing the names of the following will be proudly displayed on the new team banner at all EGR regattas and events! The list is growing daily and if you can help us fill the banner and buy a new boat for the team – please support “ROW FOR LIFE” by contributing via the website or emailing us at!  Woot woot!


Mrs. Kristen Waschbusch
Mrs. Heather Klare & Family
Dr. Bindu Popat-Lewis 
Ms. Catherine Roudi
Mrs. Candace Scheper
Mr. David Decker
Mr. Mike Lewis
The Rossi Family
Mr. Craig Sharp & Mrs. Michele Ferenchick
Mr. Peter Yadlowsky




Crew was such an excellent way to compete athletically.  It is an amazingly tight-knit and supportive community, not just amongst the East team, but all rowing teams that I have met share immense respect and pride in their own team as well as their competitors; that is really quite honorable.

As far as teamwork goes, in no other sport do teammates depend on each other as much as with crew. Granted, it was a struggle to get the whole novice eight to work together when I first joined the team :P. But, I found that as time went on, there were great levels of improvement. I first experienced a sturdy, well-rowed boat the summer before senior year, and it was such an amazing feeling: the whole boat worked together perfectly, and we found what is known as our “swing”.  Everybody moved in sync with one another, and it was a thing of beauty.

My favorite memories, besides all of the fun team-bonding, were when our boat would be fighting another boat, we’d be neck and neck, and then our coxswain would call out the “power ten!”, and we’d all surge through the temporary pain, and pull ahead; it’s such an immense feeling of victory and you get such a rush from passing other boats – that I wish I had joined Crew sooner than my sophomore year :)

by Turner Sytsema, Class of 2015

East Grand Rapids Crew Alumni