Fun is coming. Be prepared.

So you can’t spell “fundraising” without “fun” and “raising” (along with the letter “d,” which we presume stands for “dominate” which we know rowers are preparing to do this spring!) The EGRCrew Fun-d-Raising Committee is downright awesome, and this team of parents, coaches and rowers together are thinking outside the box in presenting our community with opportunities big and small, famous and obscure, new & unique;  fundraising ideas to keep our organization relevant to supporters; fun for rowers; minimal time commitment for parents, but big on results for the team.   We’re talking about Rowing for Life through doughnuts, half marathons, Zingerman’s coffee roasted fresh and delivered overnight to us, No-Bake-Bake Sales, Crafty Crap, Rent a Rower, great Whit & Wine through an intimate evening with the side-splitting Pop Scholars. Check us out, get involved. It takes a village to raise a child, but evidently the greater metropolitan area to raise enough money for a new boat and we are going for it.  Only have 1 hour a week free? I encourage you to spend it with EGRCrew & become part of an amazing community. We need all backgrounds and talents.  We need YOU even if all you can spare is an idea or opinion. So get involved!  Meetings are random but always posted on RH.

Jody Deems-McCargar, EGRCrew Fundraising Chair 616.334.7258

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