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Congratulations EGRCrew!

10624017_932388036882173_8988446051747285301_oErgathon 2016 was a huge success for the team: 30+families came out to either help set up, run the event or clean up in addition to 50+ rowers that came out to row with enthusiasm & great team spirit already!  Great music, food & friends new & old gathered to cheer on rowers.   Over a dozen people expressed interest in the Adult Learn To Row Program as a result of Guest Ergs so E-A-T also attracted new interest in the program.   Huge thank you to our MC Captain Kurt and our coaches as well that never left the scene despite chilly hours of comeraderie and support!  Rowers now have until Friday March 25th at 3 pm to turn in their collected donations to the blue EGRCrew basket in the office at EGRHS.  Checks should indicate the rower that you wish to be credited.  Convenient online donations may be made at via Paypal, Credit or bank card.

Get those donations in this week and let us if you have any questions!





Tomorrow: Ergomania in Gaslight Village!

8-1 pm Gaslight Village (between Jose Bubuska’s and the Pool entrance to EGRHS!  Join 55 rowers from EGR Crew Team & the community for a festive Saturday morning and learn about the sport of rowing and how to “erg” with the best of them!  We’ll have a boat, a tent, food, music & a lot of fun so come out and join us! cropped-47a5ce39b3127cce98549e17594200000035100AcNWzFo0cM2Qg.jpg


Students are raising a minimum of $100 each and many are going way beyond that to qualify for the Top 10 Fundraiser prizes!  We are excited about the arrival of the HUMAN SLINGSHOT! our Grand Prize for the rower that raise the most funds for EGR Crew at Ergathon this weekend!  In addition to this hilariously fun game, we have nearly $1,000 in gift cards donated for the rowers that land in spots #2-#10!  So call Aunt Edna!  Canvass that neighborhood! Facebook your Family! Every dollar counts as we raise funds for a new boat for this program.   This is a team and program worth supporting so get involved and pitch in!